The Hardest Part of a New Job is Making the Tea Right

Teapot on the Shelf from my flickr account
Teapot On The Shelf

OK, so I’ve started a new job and forgot to tell the world about that, ops. It’s a job at Pay Per Click Agency doing all forms of online advertising but manly PPC which is based in Newmarket, Suffolk. I’ve not done much PPC before and I don’t even intend to explain the ins and outs of it here and now.

What I consider the hardest part of this new job is making the tea and coffee. You start with around a dozen people in your office, so that’s twelve drinks to make; that’s a lot of drinks when it’s not your full time job to make tea. Next is what drink and how they have it. Some will have tea some will have coffee, some will want sugar (one or two), some like it black some like it white. Can you see that it is all adding up, if every person in the office was to have a different drink I’d need a notepad and pen to keep track of it all. Don’t even get me started on the people who have one drink in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. Luckily for me I’ve worked in a tea shop and can handle making good tea for large amounts of people. However, I’ve been at my new job now for four weeks, and I’m still asking people how many sugars they have with their tea.

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